Ryan Family Showpigs is owned and operated by Joshua Ryan, Tyler Ryan and Todd Scott. Our goal is to raise the highest quality showpigs that we can possibly produce. In doing so, we strive to only keep the most elite set of females that we can get our hands on, regardless of breed. We have built a sow herd that we believe is capable of producing champion showpigs at any level of competition. Our herd currently includes yorkshires, hampshires, berkshires and crossbreds. We invite you to look through our breeding stock and call us with any questions you may have about finding your next showpig! We are committed to our customers and want to be as much help as we can throughout the entire course of your show career.

TNT Sires is owned and operated by Todd Scott and Tyler Ryan. Our goal is to provide you with boars that we would consider to be “Changers”. These are boars that we believe will make an immediate impact on your hogs. We are working very hard to put together a group of boars that will do just that! We appreciate your interest and look forward to your future business. Please reach out to us and discuss the needs that you have. Our success relies upon you, the breeders. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and if our boar is not the right choice for your female we will always tell you. We aren’t trying to just sell semen, we want to help you get your females bred to the right boars. Give us a call, we would be happy to hear from you.





Porch Honkey x Most Wanted x Best Man (Porch Honkey’s sister)
Stress: Negative
Price: $100/dose
Band Perry was one of a pair of weanlings that Travis sold to Hi Pointin the spring of ‘18 for $50,000. Travis liked him so much, he decidedto bring him back home and use him heavily on his sow herd. When hedrove him out of the barn, we knew he was very special. This is thebest mature boar I have put my eyes on this summer. Band Perry wasn’tsupposed to be for sale, but we asked anyway. Travis reluctantlypriced him to us and after a lot of thought and negotiation, we wereable to get him bought. We are extremely confident that this is THERIGHT BOAR at the right time. He’s the kind that can put you on themap. Please, come take a look for yourself! So dense in his build andbody, with monster legs. He’s big topped and killer from the side.This guy RUNS UP HILL! The best part is that when you set him inmotion, he floats. Length of stride is tremendous on this boar. Wecouldn’t thank Travis and his wife Kirstin enough for letting go ofBAND PERRY. Working with great people like them, make what we do evenmore fun.


Conviction x Killer Instinct
Bred By: Morgan Knotts and Young & Guard Hampshires
Stress: Negative
EN: 32-4
Price: $25/dose
We partnered up with Morgan Knotts/Young & Guard to bring you this impressive specimen. When we called Delmar about the potential of partnering up on a few boars, this one was at the top of his and his herd manager, Tracie Knotts, list. This picture does not do him justice!!!! This guy is freaky necked, huge topped, wide chested and heavy boned. He checks all the boxes. His dam will make your mouth water! She’s as impressive as you find. Call Delmar (765) 426-3531 and ask him about this one. He’s pretty fired up! I’d get in while you can. We expect LIFE SENTENCE to sell quick.



Show Biz x Capital Gain x Pants Down
Raised by Ryan Family Showpigs
Price: $25/dose

Center Stage comes to us out of a bred sow purchase from Will Hilty. This boar is monster boned with a big hip and top laid in him. He offers this while maintaining balance from the side and attractiveness through his head and neck. His dam is a true generator and cornerstone sow. Littermate gilt was reserve champion at the In It to Win It jackpot day 2 in Ohio. We are fired up about what this boar can do on a variety of Yorkshire sows.


Times Up x Never Back Down
Bred by Don and Preston Smith
Price: $25/dose

We felt like this boar was the most unique at the show in Indy. He’s a larger framed boar that is massive legged with a big stout skull. He’s attractive from the side but what is most impressive about this boar is his length of hip, hind leg structure and the set to his hock. He’ll put that rear leg in them that we all dream about.





Defying Nature x Off Label x Texas Stud
Bred by: Rick Fogle
Stress: Negative
EN: 7-5
MAUI is flexible in his skeleton, pliable in his center body, and truly wide from his pins to the ground. He is the kind that we believe will only get better with age. Rick told us that he really thinks this boar is going to end up being one of the best he has put together! Pedigree power on this guy... Rick doesn’t breed good hogs by accident. He’s stacked this pedigree up! We’re extremely excited to get this boar bred to some good sows. If you have Duroc females you need to give us a call to talk these Duroc boars over!



Madness x Zip Line x Home Improvement
Bred By: Young & Guard Hampshires
Stress: Negative
EN: 69-1
Registration: 498865001
Passed the Hampshire Breed Purity Test (97%)
Price: $25/dose
Adventure Land is one interesting Hampshire boar! The Young and Guard firm has been producing elite hampshires for decades and this boar exemplifies that. He is unique in terms of his design, look from the side and width of chest. Adventure Land is bold about his blade and powerful across his top. You have to check this one out! He is a true Changer.


History Channel x Silver Surfer
Bred by: Young & Guard Hampshires
Stress: Negative
EN: 10-4
Registration: 499478004
Passed the Hampshire Breed Purity Test (98%)
Price: $25/dose

Modern Marvel is a short backed, stout made boar. He’ll moderate your hogs while adding body, mass and bone. He is square to the ground, flat hocked and has tremendous depth of heart. This one is going to make some killer barrows and cool looking show gilts. He’s got that attractive look while packing all the extras that it takes to get it done in the show ring.



Rocket x Drinking Class
Bred by: Bred by Pierce and Odell
Price: $25/dose

DUI was the reserve champion Berkshire boar at the 2019 Ohio State Fair! This boar gets us really excited about breeding berkshires. DUI is ultra square and big topped. He’s massive boned and has a perfect set to his pasterns. He will introduce a shot of muscle and stoutness into your females, while keeping them structurally sound.


Blue foam tip catheter breeding rods $0.50
Spiral breeding rods $0.50
Intra-Uterine breeding rods $1.00
Lube $4.50

SHIPPING: -All semen is shipped via UPS Next Day Air unless specified otherwise -Some individuals may choose to ship via UPS Ground. Please note that UPS does not guarantee Ground shipments and they are usually delivered in the evening. -Semen may also be picked up at the farm anytime -FREE SHIPPING on orders of $600 or more

AI CERTIFICATES: All AI certificates are $35 per litter

DISCLAIMER: TNT Sires has the highest quality technology available to us but we cannot control the conditions under which the boar semen is used and/or the techniques used in application, and therefore, make no warranties or representations beyond those made expressly herein. TNT Sires warrants that every dose of the product that is sold is of adequate quality and viability when it leaves our facilities. TNT Sires makes no other guarantees, warranties, or representations, either written or oral, expressed or implied. TNT Sires also does not make a guarantee concerning conception rate, breed purity of lines, liability of semen, and/or health of the product. In the event that any of our products are damaged in shipment, or prove to be defective, damages resulting from their use shall be limited to the purchase value of the semen. In no event shall TNT Sires be liable for consequential or incidental damages.

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24-7 Yorkshire

Pedigree: Capital Gain x Pants Down x Archway
Service Sire: Show Biz (Genetic Edge)
Due: 11/19/18

20-7 Hampshire

Pedigree: Flat Bill x Bushwood
Service Sire: Spirit Animal (Premium Blend)
Due: 11/19/18

11-7 Crossbred

Pedigree: Hot Check x Cookie
Service Sire: First Kiss (Upperhand Genetics)
Due: 1/9/19
Reserve Champion Heavyweight at the Tipton County Fair (IN)

12-7 Crossbred

Pedigree: Red Alert x Tree Trunx
Service Sire: Talkin’ Dirty (Triple B)
Due: 1/27/19
Champion Crossbred at the Mcintosh County Fair (OK)

17-1 Crossbred

Pedigree: Ego x Bear 84
Service Sire: Talkin’ Dirty (Triple B)
Due: 2/1/19

13-9 Crossbred

Pedigree: Intuition x Full Strut
Service Sire: Crazy Eyes (Premium Blend)
Due: 1/14/19

61-13 Hampshire

Pedigree: History Channel x 15-2 Hamp
Service Sire: Shifting Gears (Y&G Hampshires)
Due: 1/10/19

69-5 Hampshire

Pedigree: Madness x Zipline
Service Sire: History Channel (Y&G Hampshires)
Due: 12/10/18
***Littermate to Adventure Land


Farm Address: 3171 Hizer Rd. • Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
Joshua Ryan 937-402-7645 • Tyler Ryan 937-403-4754 • Todd Scott 937-205-2626


Farm Address: 3171 Hizer Rd. • Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
Todd Scott 937-205-2626 • Tyler Ryan 937-403-4754 • Joshua Ryan 937-402-7645